Design for Future Needs (2002)

Design for Future Needs is a research project discovering how their methods can help policy makers do the same.

The project, run for the European Commission by a group of European design and business organisations, has researched how design techniques for envisioning the future can benefit EC decision-makers’ foresight planning and policy work. The project is aiming to help them respond to emerging issues and trends from environmental pressures to technological change.

APCI - Paris
Anne Marie Boutin
Jean Schneider

BEDA – Barcelona
Stephen Hitchins
Michael Thompson

CNAM – Paris
Marc Giget
Lional Roure

UIAH – Helsinki
Peter McGrory
Interaction IVREA - Ivrea
Jan Christoph Zoels
Silvia Gabriell

Design Council - London
Lesley Morris
Louise Hawken
Mala Gondalia

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